Final booklet

I received a lot of helpful feedback in class. One major comment was that there was far too much content, still. I’ll have to pare it down even more. There needs to be more white space.

Another comment referred to the diagrams, which had too many kinks in the reference lines and looked messy as a result.

I heard from several people that some photos were too dark. I plan to PhotoShop these for greater color, and will lower the contrast for those with too much flash.

Another comment is the lack of color. One said that because this is about food, there should be more tantalizing food pictures. I see where he is coming from, but I don’t like this idea because I want this to be more about the stories I tell than the images I share. What’s more, my images are not high quality enough to make very large.


Screenie final 1

Screenie final 2

Screenie final 3

Screenie final 4

Screenie final 5


Booklet 3

I made a lot of adjustments to the final. The text is significantly shorter, and there are more chunks of sensible white space. I eliminated the gutters in between photos to include more of them, which created a beautiful photo strip across some pages. The diagrams’ pointers were modified. The sketches were all retouched to have a warm parchment tone rather than some grey looking ones (due to different angles of the camera). The cover photos have a layer of brown over them, to resemble Moleskine covers, while the interior pages have been colored off-white to mimic the pages. I added colors to each teacher’s page, using it to highlight certain portions of text, their names, and the captions. I used character styles for this purpose, which was very helpful.

Hope you enjoy!


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