Cover ideas

Screenie cover 1

This first cover emphasizes the food that I make, by showcasing two of my most memorable items: Elvis cupcakes (banana cupcakes, peanut butter filling, honey cream cheese frosting, caramelized bacon topping), and semisweet chocolate dinosaurs studded with almonds and dried cranberries. This will draw people in with captivating images, and the title “Baking bacon cupcakes, and other food fueled misadventures” helps the reader know that this is a collection of stories, not recipes or photos that the cover might otherwise imply.

Screenie cover 2

This second cover emphasizes the relationships that form through cake. These are photos of my friends enjoying a bananas-foster inspired cake, and banana bread (I had a lot of ripe bananas that week), and chocolate-coffee cake. They are warm memories that I cherish. However, since the quality of these pictures is poor, I probably won’t use this one.

Screenie cover 3

This third cover represents my analytic, planning side. When I have an idea for cake, I take down a lot of notes in the form of lists, diagrams, and other ideas. When presented with a new theme, I will write down different combinations of different flavors in each component. For example, a pina colada cake involves the flavors of pineapple, coconut, and rum. I can put rum in the cake, by baking it in or using a rum soak. Or, I can use it to flavor the frosting. Coconut can be used as the cake flavor with coconut milk substituted for regular, or it can be used as a filling/frosting. Pineapple can be mixed into the cake layers, and I can make a curd filling with it. I put together different ideas until I find something I like the best and then I head to the kitchen to try it.

My favorites are the first and third cover. I think I’ll go with the third one because it shows my analytic side, which may not come through strongly enough otherwise. Also, the quality of the first cover is not as good, and gets pixelated at some parts.


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