Typography study and Sketching grids

Screenie type

I created three typography samples.

The title font will be used for teacher names and book title, in large print. The first uses Century Gothic, which I like for its round and geometric shape. It is also sans serif. I also tried Handwriting, which gave it a nice casual feel, and Optima, for its nice lines. I felt Optima was too straight, and it didn’t look “friendly” enough. I liked Handwriting, but I decided on Century Gothic for its contrast to the sketch-based pages.

The body font will be used for all the stories I’ll be writing about my teachers. I tried a classic Palatino, Century Gothic (not good because of sans serif), and Didot. Both Palatino and Didot are serif fonts, and look similar at this small point size. I chose Palatino for its slightly more rounded lines.

I will also be making small diagrams that detail what goes in a cake. The photos are sketches, and I want the font to reflect that. I chose Handwriting, Brush Script, and Chalkduster. I felt Brush Script was too structured, so I didn’t like that. Chalkduster was decent, but I liked the stress of the angle on Handwriting’s letters.

Captions will be used for short comments and stories outside the main body text. I used Minion Italic, Palatino Italic, and Herculanum. Herculanum was too large and the all-caps was strange at such a small point size. Palatino and Minion were both nice, and I decided on Minion because I was using Palatino for body text.

The leading was the default basic for each typeface. I did not feel the need to manually adjust these because they do not need to line up in my work.


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