Spreads Draft 2




The feedback session today was very helpful. I worked with Jason for this assignment.

As I expected, he said there was far too much content. It looks too cluttered and visually confusing. It is unclear what the reader should look at first because of the sheer amount of content on there. The inclusion of strategic white space would be helpful. I have some on there, but it’s in random places that don’t help the visual balance of the overall piece.  Also, there are some alignment issues because of the different-sized images.

Screenie spread draft 1

Screenie spread draft 2

Screenie spread draft 3

Here are my revised spreads. I kept the top row clear for the teacher’s names and reduced some of the content on there. The chunks of text are smaller and the number of pictures has gone down. The white space is more visually appealing than before, though there is still a lot of content on there. I am hesitant to take parts away from the story because I feel that is the most important part, so I will see what feedback I get next time before making any more changes.


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