Mood board, color palette and Spreads Draft 1

1. 3-5 typographic study samples
Screenie type

This is reposted for posterity’s sake. Please find my comments in the previous post.

2. Post screenshots of 2 mood boards.

Screenie mood 1

This board emphasizes journals, calm and serenity, and food. It is mostly neutral-toned.

Screenie mood 2

This mood board emphasizes the themes of friendship, food, and brighter colors.

3. Post a screenshot of color palette (2 to 5 colors) including CMYK values

Screenie colors

The colors I want to use for this project are numerous. This is because I want to individualize each teacher’s highlight color. I selected one for each that I felt best represented their personality. For example, Mr. Gern, who is very calm and thoughtful, has a blue color. Ms. Yang is cheerful and feminine, best represented by pink. Mr. Cocoros is excited and lively, so he gets a grassy green shade. Mr. Badgley has a darker, more bad-ass personality. I chose a darker purple for him to show his power and influence. For Ms. Avigdor, I chose a muted tangerine orange. She cares about her students, though not many see that because she is also very strict.

4. Finalize one grid and work on 3 interior spreads based on that grid. Post screenshots with short descriptions.

Screenie crap spread 3

Screenie crap spread 2

Screenie crap spread 1

For these spreads, I used a 5×5 grid design, with gutters (using the guides tool) and narrow margins equal to the gutter size. This was to make room for the large amount of content I want to include, including text, diagrams, and photos. I did my best to fit all of it on the page.

I utilized paragraph styles for the different types of text, which are detailed in the typographic hierarchy post.


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