Book Design, Grids

I did several sketches of my grid design before moving to InDesign. Here are my sketches:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 5


I experimented with things like text wrapping and modular grids. In my InDesign versions, I used a 4×4 modular grid, 3×3 modular grid, and 3 column grid. Additionally, I chose specific typefaces for each teacher, hoping to personalize them and reflect the teacher’s personality. These were used in their names, and any instances in which they talked. However, because many typefaces are too similar, I don’t think I can up with more then 3 or 4 (I have 5 teachers to talk about, total). In the future, I’ll personalize them with colors.
4×4 grid
Screenie CDF spread 2
3 column
Screenie CDF spread 3
3×3 grid with diagonals
Screenie CDF spread 1
I also experimented with diagonals, to go for a scrapbook-type feel. However, with all this text, it looks very cluttered. I wanted to include even more pictures but couldn’t, because I didn’t have enough space. I even tried reducing font size, but that didn’t help much. In the future, I’ll have to cut down on the text, and photo size.



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