Color Exercise

In the beginning, I attempted to find my own colors through the color swatches. I scrolled aimlessly through the color wheels, scaling the values up and down in an attempt to find the perfect color. It was quite frustrating, until I realized I could pull swatches from the internet. I thought about what kind of color I was looking for and decided that I liked argyle designs. I ran  a search and found one design I liked that used only three colors (many use four for contrast).


To create the design, I made a 3×3 inch square and used the clipping mask to crop the design the way I wanted it.

Using the dropper tool, I found the RGB values of the colors used. I created 1-inch ellipses for color swatches and listed their values below it.

I used the font Palatino for both my initials and the RGB descriptions. I like the graceful way my initials, DC, look in it.

I experimented with the placement of my initials in the top left and bottom left, even in the diamond patterns themselves. I liked it outside of the pattern to look more logo-like. As for color, I preferred yellow over purple to create more contrast.

This contrast was due to the difference in saturation between green-purple and green-yellow. The green and purple are much closer (both look grey and not as true; low saturation) whereas the yellow does not look as grey as the other two colors (has a higher saturation).

As for the hue, green and purple are complements of each other. In addition, their similar saturations help these colors match. The yellow is next to green on the color wheel, so it also coordinates well with the green.



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