Book Spread Exercise

1. What is a modular grid?

A modular grid is especially useful for layouts that contain a lot of information. It is essentially a column grid with many horizontal flowlines that help create rows. Each square formed is called a module, and the designer can use a set of modules to create a spatial zone for information (for example, a block of text or an image). It is very flexible and adaptive to various needs.

2. What is a flowline?

Flowlines are horizontal alignments that help direct eye movement from one part of the page to another. They can also be used as start/stop points for images as well as text.

3. How is a manuscript grid different from a column grid?

A manuscript grid places text/images in a single block on the page. On the other hand, a column grid will divide this information into several columns of varying width.

4. Explain what it means to deconstruct a grid.

Deconstructing grids involves taking a basic grid, usually a simple modular form, and altering it to see what happens. For example, by cutting it into pieces and shifting or distorting it. This can provide a visual illusion of layers and interactiveness of information.


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