Typography Hierarchy (part 3)

photo 1



I began by brainstorming my ideas by talking to a friend. I described the content of my poster, and we pointed out specific terms that could be worked into design ideas, such as Roman architecture and flared serif-like terminals.

photo 2

I made several sketches after that. The first was meant to mimic Roman architecture, like the Pantheon. Text would be arranged into columns, and smaller chunks of information would be set at a larger font and used as the tops of the columns. The top of it would read ‘inspired by Roman architecture’, and the base of it would read Optima, the font name.

The second one is meant to look like a map of Germany. In my composition designs (previous post) I played with the alignment and orientation of the text to create a curved shape. This time, I want to try to shape it to resemble Germany, and also set the words ‘Frankfurt, Germany’ in the center in larger (or bolder) text. I would place Optima on the outside, like a caption.

The third one would utilize white space to create a flared shape, like the end of an A in the Optima typeface. I would set ‘Optima’ and ‘flared terminals’ in the largest and/or boldest fonts to emphasize their importance.

The fourth one is a simple grid that emphasizes ‘Optima’ and ‘Frankfurt, Germany’. It began as an effort to replicate the German flag, but because it is simply three stripes, it was hard to get the message across. This was my simplest design.

The last one is inspired by the Vietnam Memorial, which this typeface is featured in. I would emphasize Optima, 1952-1957, and ‘Vietnam Memorial’ by setting these as the largest chunks. I would arrange them to resemble a memorial structure, with a main rectangle bearing inscriptions, and a graduated base at the bottom.



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