Final space and meaning


I worked with Sarah and Terence to critique and refine our work. I received a lot of helpful information about what worked and what didn’t. They both agreed that the top left composition was the cleanest, very professional and logo-like. They also liked the hidden message of CO2. I could improve it by making the C and O more obvious, and adjust the baseline a little (the  top of the A extends too far past the edge of the C for my liking). Another suggestion is to add several grey O’s in the background, of various sizes and shades, to imitate soda bubbles. However, I worry that this will ruin the clean image I have now. While I like the clean, sleek look of this image, it does not fully express the meaning of carbonation.

During our discussion, I suggested combining the designs in the top right and bottom left compositions, by choosing elements from each. They agreed, suggesting that I use the color gradient to imitate air escaping soda, and to use the varied sizes and placement of the letters to create movement in the bubbles. Sarah also suggested having the letters read vertically, to resemble a glass of soda. They also suggested adding ‘o’ bubbles throughout.



Here is my final composition. I used the same font throughout (black) and placed the word carbonation at the bottom. I kept that black, to give the feeling of greatest density — like liquid at the bottom of a glass of soda. I arranged O’s of several sizes, from 12pt to 24pt, across the rest of the board. I packed them more densely at the bottom and spaced them out more at the top to create a feeling of movement. To add to the effect of liquid-to-foam, I gradually lightened the color.


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