Identifying communication design

holy-crap-bad-design     As an example of bad communications design, I selected this advertisement. There are many flaws in this design. One of these is the strange color scheme. There are shades of red, blue, silver, and yellow (as you can see from the LLC on the center bottom).These hardly work well together. What’s more is the strange gradient across the top (note how the gradient of the text does not match the gradient of the red background) and the streak of red through the white text (and the white through the red text) that dictates prices. They look almost like slashes, falsely implying that they do not have to pay this amount.  The descriptive text is far too dense, and hardly anyone would take the time to read it. And to top it all off, this happens to be a badly designed online advertisement posted online for website design – oh, the irony.



     This is an example of good communications design. It is short, sweet, and to the point, using highlighted keywords and only one sentence. The colors of the background are nice (the gradient adds the effect that the man in the center is glowing with happiness) and the colors around the words really stand out. Everything is nicely spaced out in a way that does not offend the eye. The image of the man in the center with his arms out helps to communicate that they are like a godsend, and they will be able to help you solve your problems (in this case, for website design).


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